Metal Retrofit Roofs

Affordable Commercial Roof Replacement Options in East Texas

We’re Metal Retrofit Roofing Experts

Carney Roofing Company specializes in installing quality and affordable metal retrofit roofs on commercial buildings throughout the East Texas area. Metal retrofit roofs are easy to install because they fit over the existing substrate. 

We offer a wide variety of colors for metal retrofit roofs, which are considered a low-maintenance metal roofing option. The roofs are also energy-efficient and will help you save money in the long run.

Benefits of a Metal Retrofit Roof

You should do everything you can to protect your commercial building — that includes installing a proper roof. A metal retrofit roof is not only an affordable option, it is also convenient. Since the metal retrofit roof can be placed neatly over an existing surface, the installation is a low-maintenance process.

Metal retrofit roofs are also energy-efficient: the insulation added between the previous and new roof will reduce heat gain during summer months and the loss of heat in winter. Plus, metal retrofit roofing can contain a reflective finish that decreases your building’s cooling costs. When you buy a metal retrofit roof, you’re not only saving money with the purchase, you’ll also save down the road as well when it comes to your energy bills.

When you put a metal retrofit roof on your building, you can enjoy benefits like these:

Our metal retrofit roof vendors include Carlisle Syntec, Tamco Roofing Products and International Diamond Systems.

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